Ben Lansky

Product Marketer, Creative Director, and Sales Enablement leader.

I help technology companies define their brands, tell their stories, and take innovative products to market.


I lead Product Marketing at Anchorage. Previously, I led Marketing and Enablement at Flexport, and helped build Sales Enablement at Twilio. Read more about my work here.

I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Oregon State University, and taught writing at OSU and UC Santa Cruz. I'm still a writer and teacher at heart, and I draw on those skills in my work every day.

I live in Oakland, California with my wife, Emily.



Anchorage is the most advanced digital asset custodian for institutional investors. Our product is designed to safeguard digital assets while also keeping them accessible for dividend-generating activities like staking.

I joined Anchorage in October 2018, when the company had been operating in stealth for a year. My first project was to launch us out of stealth, which included defining our positioning and messaging based on stakeholder interviews and competitive research, writing all website copy, and creating a range of sales collateral to support the influx of new business conversations that followed the launch.


Flexport is a freight forwarder and customs broker, simplifying global shipping for thousands of leading consumer goods brands.

I joined Flexport in January 2016, when the team was just 75 people. As Director of Global Enablement, I built and led a team responsible for new hire training, sales enablement, technical documentation, and customer Help Center content. I also designed Flexport Academy, an intensive two-week training program required for all Flexport new hires, which is still running today and has helped the company scale smoothly to more than 1,000 employees across ten offices around the world.

In the spring of 2017, I stepped into a new role as Head of Marketing. I grew the Marketing team from three to 18 people, partnered with Seth Gutierrez to overhaul Flexport's brand, launched a completely new website, helped bring new products and services to market including Flexport Private Air, and implemented a range of successful campaigns (and some less successful) together with my stellar team. During my tenure as marketing leader, revenue grew more than 350%, and Inc Magazine named Flexport one of the top ten fastest-growing companies in America.


Twilio is the leading cloud communications platform, providing APIs that make it easy for companies to integrate SMS, voice calls, and video calls into their customer experiences.

As an Instructional Designer, I created a range of sales enablement trainings, worskhops, and reference materials to help the Twilio sales team confidently and expertly sell technical products to software engineers. This included 101 decks like the samples above, as well as scenario-based trainings adapted from real-life customer examples.

In addition, I worked hand-in-hand with both Product Marketing and Sales to plan and execute successful go-to-market strategies for the launch of category-defining products like Video and TaskRouter.


You can find me on LinkedIn and reach me by email.